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Bla and Raa are God-brothers locked in Eternal God-battle. 

Made entirely solo within 72hrs (Programming, Sound, Art)

(Actually it's a collaborative/competitive asynchronous multiplayer platformer with hats)

  • Choose a God and join the sacrificial flow!
  • Build pathways to your Chosen God's Sacrifice Holes and Deposit thyself Within.
  • But others may try to hinder your progress!
  • Asychronous Multiplayer: Every player updates the world with each sacrifice, building platforms, launchers, walls, and coins.


Arrows : Move   |   Space : Jump   |   F : Sacrifice Self


Each sacrifice allows you to CONSTRUCT an Object;

  • Platforms (free) : press DOWN to build a platform
  • Coin (free) : press UP to build a Coin (and drop all coins)
  • Wall (1 coin) : press LEFT or RIGHT to build a wall
  • Launcher (4 coins) : press SPACE to build a launcher! (use arrows to set direction)
  • Destruct (free) : press F to detonate and destroy an object!

OBJECTIVE : Give power to your God in the eternal struggle of Raa Vs Bla by leaping into your chosen God's Sacrifice Holes

Known Bugs : 

  • Sometimes a coin may not sync.
  • Syncing may not have timed out, but is slow (just wait it out)
  • Lines to Sacrifice Holes may not appear if out of range

Install instructions

Download and unzip.


BlaavraaBattleGodBrothers.zip 20 MB

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