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Welcome to Hell, Baseball-man.  


  1. RUN ALL of the BASES in order to GET HOME
  2. Don't STRIKE OUT
  3. Don't Let them GET YOU


  • LEFT/ RIGHT - turn
  • UP/ DOWN - Move forward/back
  • SPACE- Bat
  • CTRL/SHIFT- Slide To Base

It was fun to make this very janky “3D” engine in gamemaker, which is basically translating relative 2d positions on the x and y to scale/translation on a surface.  If you want to see what’s actually happening in the game (cheat) you can press Shift + Tab.

Thanks for playing!

(Made for Ludum Dare 41)


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Fun game I found it hilarious how demons have their own idea of what baseball should be and, cheat at every corner so you can't win the game!

This was a really weird game, and I feel like I missed something completely but after I ran to the first base I still got attacked multiple times, so I just started trying to steal as many as I could. 


This is exactly how I imagine Baseball in Hell would be.

Love those crazy weird I'm gonna say demons, no idea how you programmed those but amazing work.


Can you make a mac version of the game?

i'd love to, but i am without a mac at the moment. 

What program did you use to make the game?

made in Gamemaker Studio 1.4

Okay, thank you for trying. Let me know if anything changes in the future.

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This was fun. Reliving my childhood days. It's good to see I still suck at baseball.


This game was definitely different. In a good way!! I loved the mixture of a (well made) baseball game and a low-poly horror game. The sounds and atmosphere really give the feel of no hope. I've been addicted to the low-poly style and you did amazing with this. I loved the seemingly never ending aspect of it. (I didn't beat it so I'm still unsure if there is an ending or not lolol) I can't think of any improvements and if you made a game with a bunch of similar games to this one (maybe other low-poly horror scenarios mixed with different sports?) I would definitely spend money to play an arcade version with a game-selection screen type thingie. Thanks for making this!

Great video!  Thanks so much for playing.  There is an ending, but it is not easy to get to.  I've been considering other Horror Sports mini-games since I had so much fun making this one...  if I could find a novel twist for each one perhaps. 


thank you! And I say go for it!! I feel like you’re onto something here!

Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome I'm glad you enjoyed it!  Great video.  You seemed to get the mechanics right away, which made me happy!  Note that you can steal bases more often-- you don't always need to wait for the pitch!

Deleted 1 year ago

Can't download cuz chrome sayed it a virus

is it just one of those "... is not commonly downloaded" warnings?


My take on it - although I definitely was not expecting it to NOT be a Baseball diamond, I was running around for a while, confused out of my mind. lmao


maybe you're confusing confusion with TERROR!  (maybe not) but thanks for playing :D


I love this game! It's so stressful, intense and scary :p It scared me way too much <3 Here's my video :) 

Man, thanks so much for playing!  Loved the video.  I've posted an updated build today with some minor tweaks.  Hopefully some things are more clear.   The enemies are a little more consistent, and the collision pushing you away while you go forward is fixed.  


I got to the end! just as many scares as the last one :) 

hehe awesome. I think that makes you the second person on Earth to ever see that end screen.